Since it launched, the RESIDENT EVIL franchise has become known for a few things: straying from its video game source material, Milla Jovovich's incessant need to destroy the living dead, and each installment rolling out on a fairly regular schedule.

However, the sixth film in the series, originally set for a Sept. 12, 2014 release, definitely isn't going to be making that deadline. The film, according to 'EVIL' helmer Paul W.S. Anderson, currently has no release date. Or a script.

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For Resident Evil 6, it's "studio said/she said/he said." Sony's Screen Gems had penciled in a release date of September 12, 2014 for the sixth chapter in the film series. Then Milla Jovovich took to Twitter stating she thinks the film would bow in 2015.

In a recent interview with director Paul W.S. Anderson, The Star reveals he'll begin directing Resident Evil 6 (stay tuned for an official title soon) this fall, which means he'll be moving out of Pompeii and right into Alice's zombie-filled world right away. It also means the film will hold to its 2014 release date. Jovovich will return to the series as Alice. No plot details have been revealed at this time. [SOURCE]
An RE Facebook fansite posted a pic from a deleted scene from Retribution that was mentioned in the commentary, but not included on the BluRay.

It depicts Jill and several Umbrella soldiers with Alice inside a helicopter after pulling Alice out of the water following the Arcadia battle.

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Source: Resident Evil: Retribution Facebook Fanpage
29 May 2013 @ 07:30 pm
Capcom’s Unity Blog posted a video walkthrough of the Biohazard Cafe & Grill — a Resident Evil (the series is called Biohazard in Japan) themed restaurant where the waitresses are dressed like (skimpy) S.T.A.R.S officers and framed guns and Raccoon City newspaper clippings adorn the walls. It looks amazing, and I definitely wouldn’t mind eating their not-Raccoon meat as I listen to Savage Garden — all the music is from 1998 — and watch people dance awkwardly in front of a life-size Tyrant. Check it out after the jump.

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Source: Bloody-Disgusting

Executives behind the Resident Evil film franchise have cancelled a zombie-themed promotional stunt in London in the aftermath of the brutal killing of a soldier in the city on Wednesday.

Bosses behind the video game-turned-movie series, which stars Milla Jovovich, had planned to fill an open air swimming pool in London with fake blood and human body parts over the weekend to promote the release of the latest game, Resident Evil Revelations.

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Milla recently linked to the following story from Screen Rant on her Twitter account, calling it "cool":

"First Showing has confirmed that Anderson will definitely be returning as both director and producer and will begin shooting the film this fall. Perhaps it’s fitting that – having produced all of the Resident Evil films so far directed three of them – Anderson should be at the helm for what is supposed to be the concluding chapter of the second trilogy (and based on the poor critical reception and declining box office profits, it might also be the final installment of the franchise).

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Source 1: Milla's Twitter
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The full article at Screen Rant also has some Pompeii details if you're interested.
06 March 2013 @ 08:27 am
According to ShockTillYouDrop:

"When we spoke to director Paul W.S. Anderson prior to the start of Resident Evil: Afterlife (part four) he told us he had mapped out a story for a new trilogy which would carry the franchise into a sixth film, so you know he's ready. While we don't have a title for that sixth film, there is a confirmed release date... has learned Sony/Screen Gems has set a debut date for September 12, 2014 which means Anderson and star Milla Jovovich will likely begin shooting the new film this fall."

Source: ShockTillYouDrop
Paul W.S. Anderson's Resident Evil: Retribution arrives on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD today. We caught up with the director to chat about the home video release, and he confirmed to us that Resident Evil 6 is going to be the final installment in this long-running action-horror franchise based on the popular video game.

"I feel that [Resident Evil: Retribution] is very much the beginning of the end for the Resident Evil franchise. I see this movie as the beginning of the end, and the set-up for an epic, and truly spectacular finale. Which I hope will be the next movie."

What does Paul W.S. Anderson hope to achieve with his final swan song?
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